Tie Dye Yoga Mat Carrying Strap

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This tie dyed, quality cotton canvas Yoga Mat Carrying Strap has a tough,smooth nylon top loop and a heavy duty lower elastic strap, designed for a shock cushion, when walking. You simple hook the loops over the wheel trucks and throw the board on your back. Hands free. The strap is 26 inches long with two 6 inch loops,for a 38 inch total. I can Tailor the length to your request. I use the toughest Guterman Nylon stitching and translucent dyes, blending like layers of coloured glass, through the colour spectrum. I can dye the colours of your choice. Tie Dye patterns blend like layers of coloured glass. Experience my tie dye jean jacket,sweat pants,yoga pants,tank top,dress',mask,yoga mat & longboard straps,silk scarf,handbag designs and techniques. Tie dye shirts for men,women,children,infants and pets. Custom orders as to your background instructions. Taxes included. A shipping charge will be added once,for multiple kit purchases www.dubietiedyeandhemp.com